Author: Katrina Rosseland

Google has recently raised quite a bit of commotion with respect to their unreported microphones embedded in Nest products. They revealed that they would have new voice activated features which took many people by surprise.

Previously to the reveal of these new features, nobody realized the presence of microphones in their Nest products. Many are requesting an explanation for Google not disclosing this feature in their terms and conditions for the product. Google responded with an apology explaining that the feature was never used previously and it was ‘never supposed to be a secret’. Regardless of whether or not the microphone was used, it is a vital piece of information that was left out or «forgotten».

In this day and age where the media constantly watches over major companies waiting for something to report, it is shocking that nobody noticed this major unnoticed feature. This begs the question, what other features, vulnerabilities, etc are going unreported? Society trusts major companies with their data but how much do they really know about what companies are doing with their data if even major companies such as Google can let something like this go unreported?

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