Recently, a major flaw in car alarms has arose and put many customers at risk. Car alarm brands such as Pandora, Viper and Clifford offer 3rd party services that allow for customers to remotely lock, start, and activate the alarm using an app.

These services are used by millions worldwide and have recently been updated which resulted in the creation of a major security flaw. The security flaw allowed for attackers to hack into and take control of the customer’s app, identify their vehicle, locate their vehicle, unlock the vehicles door locks, start the engine and then take off in the car. Attackers had the ability to hijack the car and in turn possibly score themselves a brand new Lamborghini. Thankfully, since the updates the companies have patched the security flaw.

Considering that the brand Pandora had previously claimed their services to be «unhackable» it is shocking that the recent update almost seemed to be untested with regards to its’ security.Once again, these companies failed to prioritize their products security but rather flaunted the aesthetic and the visible aspects of their products. It seems that even some companies that are founded on security often do not prioritize security but rather cool new features that push customers to purchase their products.

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