As we further our technology, the processing power of computers keeps improving and in the future we will have quantum computers. With the release of quantum computers, processes that used to take years could be done in seconds and with that comes many positives and negatives. Companies will be able to use these quantum computers to optimize their electronic processes but also it will put immense power and speed in the hands of hackers.

With this enormous computing power, hackers will be able to crack algorithms and passwords within a fraction of the time it previously took. Many of the most common encryption methods that many of the daily processes people rely on will be insecure and easily crackable by quantum computers. Passwords, algorithms, codes and so on that were previously deemed safe will in turn become insecure due to the speed that hackers could crack them in.

There are companies that are currently working towards the development of algorithms and encryption methods that are more complex and therefore prevent against the computing power of quantum computers’ cracking algorithms. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology is heading towards the creation of these standards.

The development of quantum computers will make processes exponentially faster and more efficient. With the power of quantum computers, standards must be created with regards to encryption to prevent against the cracking of sensitive data and algorithms.

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